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Group work & engagement -- voices of students

We, Ayu Maghfurroh and Ying Yang, conducted a study last autumn to hear the students' voice about group work in an educational setting. 31 master’s degree students (mainly from CE), participated in our survey. We created a website to communicate our findings. Here you can check the results of our research and learn the key factors that affect group work and students’ engagement.

Key Words: University students, group work, student engagement


Ayu is a Master's Student in Changing Education at the University of Helsinki who loves to learn new things and receive challenges. She works as a Curriculum and Product Developer in an educational technology company. This job triggers her passion to build her own Ed-tech startup in the future. She regularly visits gym and attends dance training during her leisure time.

Ying is also a Master's student in Changing Education at the University of Helsinki. She is originally from China and had her bachelor’s degree in education technology. She has been exploring the Finnish education system by working and studying in Finland. She is passionate about applying the knowledge gained to make learning more enjoyable.


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