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Alex Shapero

Hi all! I'm Alex, and I've spent my professional life interested in how we learn languages and how we can do it better. I hold a Bachelor's in Cognitive Science and a Master's in teaching. I'm dedicated to building community and learning through cultures and narratives. I'm so excited to help OSA strengthen its roots in the community it represents, and to continue the groundbreaking work it's known for!

Editorial team




Ana de Camargo

Oiê! Ana Camargo here! I've been a game & play designer for almost a decade, as well as a researcher in applied linguistics and critical pedagogy. I’m an activist for diversity and black feminism, as well as decolonizing education. I’m from Brazil (salve to South America!). Do you know the list of stereotypes about brazilians? Well, I will probably check some of them: I love sunlight, hot weather, fruits, soccer, and dancing. I LOVE music. I was part of an orchestra once in my life (I used to try to play classic viola), nowadays I just walk around using my headphones all the time. My favorite word is Bugiganga. My favorite expression is Seje Menas. You can google and try to find out what it means (;

I see OSA an opportunity to reach and give power of voice for those who are being silent and unseen by society (inside and outside the academic community). I hope we can give more and more steps towards equity in real contexts, and do our part for a better world for all.

Editorial team


Events Manager

Cristina Valle

Hi! I'm Cristina, and I am one of the new event managers of the board. I come from Spain, and I have a background on Primary Education. I am highly interested in the power of technology to tackle 21st century challenges and the role that education and teachers can have regarding that issue, through a social justice perspective. When I am not learning about society and humans, reading or finding new passions, I play the piano and go hiking. I can't wait to see which opportunities this new year brings us!

Editorial team




Jorina Sendel

I'm Jorina a first year Changing Education Student. In my Bachelors I studied Psychology at the Kiel University (Germany). I'm working for high-quality education and opportunities independent from childrens families’ socio-economic backgrounds. Education is societies and everyone’s individual chance for change and growth. In my free time, I enjoy baking, listening to Music, going for walks at the seaside and unicycling. I have also been a coach for unicycling in Germany.

Editorial team

nini 01.JPG

Student Advocate

Cin Liu - Nini

I am Taiwanese but spent the past 7 years in the United States (California) before moving to Finland. I studied psychology and had a minor in education during my undergraduate. I am very interested in education because of my own personal experience of being educated in 4 different countries. I love psychology, neuroscience and cognitive science, and hope to somehow bring the fields together to make education better for the future generations. I am especially passionate about how to improve mental health and stress in the field of education. 


Something fun: Secretly very passionate about origami and data visualization. Will gladly talk about paper and graphs all day long. 

Editorial team




Podcast Producer

Pablo Flores - Pipa

Hi! I am Pipa, first year student from CE!

I come from Chile, where I am a teacher in physics and technology. I am eager to enable democratic spaces where we can feel part of a bigger community as international students here in Helsinki. I have participated in many organizations before looking for representation, mediation between actors in the university and better cohesion between the members (in this case, us as students!). I hope, we can all together build up a better community and also a better master’s programme for us and all the generations to come after us.

Editorial team

Afsheen .jpg



Afsheen Ahmed

Hello, I am Afsheen, an excited first year student of Masters in Changing Education. I am from Pakistan and most of my experiences revolve around teaching English Language to young adults. I have been labelled a rebel because of my liberal thinking 😏. 

I seek joy in reading and writing, and helping people voice their true feelings. Romance and murder mystery are my favourite genres. I believe in knowing people by what they express in their writings. I have also been connected to NGOs as an ESL trainer and have a dream to start an international teacher training organisation to help them. Being a new blog editor for OSA board, I am hoping to connect with many students and support their voice. 

Editorial team



Iina Hyyppä

Hey everyone! I’m Iina. I’m both a first-year Changing Education and a fourth-year Primary Education student. I love the winter and everything related to it: skating, snowboarding, skiing, making snow angels, and above all, drinking glögi!🫖❄️

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