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Give me a break!

Do your students often look tired?

Do they usually complain about too much work or study burden?

Are they frequently falling sick or suffering from mental health problems?


"Give me a break" is a booklet that presents simple and easy to follow activities for the physical, social and cognitive well-being of school-going children and young adults. This package is created by a group of six students from the M.A Changing Education program at the faculty of Educational Science, University of Helsinki. To find out more, let's dive into the booklet Give me a break.

Key Words: Neuroscience in education, Break Ideas, Physical Well-being, Social-emotional Development


Jorina Sendel: In her Bachelors, Jorina studied Psychology at the Kiel University (Germany). She's working for the provision of high-quality education and opportunities for children of all socio-economic backgrounds.In her free time, she enjoys baking, listening to music, going for walks at the seaside and unicycling. She has also been a coach for unicycling in Germany.

Ia Kawasaki: Originally, Ia is from Tokyo and did her Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts in Global Innovation Studies. She has always believed in the power of Education and has been passionate to contribute to improve the compulsory education in Japan. Her current focus is on social emotional learning. She enjoys cooking, swimming, dancing, and traveling.

Güilu Serrano Ferrer: Originating from Mexico, Güilu did her Bachelor’s in Educational Sciences at Universidad La Salle. She is an experienced educator and is interested in how people acquire Spanish as a second language. She is intrigued by the role of procrastination in student’s life as well. She enjoys poetry, learning new languages, long conversations with her family and playing with her dog.

Cin Liu (Nini): is a Taiwanese but spent 7 years in the United States (California) before moving to Finland. She studied psychology for her Bachelor's degree. Having a diverse experience of being educated in 4 different countries, she is very interested in education She loves psychology, neuroscience and cognitive sciences, and hopes to bring the fields together to make education better for the future generations.

Ariunkhishig Gonchigdorj: Ariunna is from Mongolia and has completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics specialising in Development Economics and Macroeconomics. She has also taught Economics to high school students in Mongolia. She is passionate about education policy and the role of education in the economic and social development. Ariunna loves to spend time with her children.

Afsheen Ahmed: Afsheen is from Pakistan and most of her experience revolves around teaching English Language to young adults.

She seeks joy in fictional reading and writing, and helping people voice their true feelings. She believes in knowing people by what they express in their writings. She has also been connected to NGOs as an ESL trainer and has a dream to start an international teacher training organisation.


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