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Changing Education and Diversity

We've got something special for you today. Here is the most awaited video brought to you by OSA ry to give a big, warm welcome to the generation of 2023.

Did you wonder what it's like to be part of the CE Community? Wait no more because here you can watch some moments yourself!

CE community is a treasure trove of beautiful moments – so diverse and enriching!. But you know what makes it even more amazing? A strong team of students and faculty providing a safe-space to everyone. So, are you ready to dive into the world of CE with us? Let's roll, 2023! 🎉"


Videographer: Pablo Flores (Pipa)

Hosts: Cin Liu (Nini) and Afsheen Ahmed

Video Editor: Afsheen Ahmed

Special thanks to our CE fellows Asiyeh Younesi Asl Beñat Etxeberria Illarregi Emilia Scheffler Ziyue Sun

© [Changing Education, 2023]. All Rights Reserved.


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