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What Does Changing Education Mean to You?

Starting in autumn 2020, the new international Changing Education Master’s programme at the University of Helsinki unites students from all over the world to learn about structures of education systems, study neuroscience and educational psychology, discuss the impact of global policies on education, and work on the education-related issues together with the future education experts and change-makers!

The title of the master’s programme and this webpage, Changing Education, reflects the constantly changing nature of education and society. “Changing education” is a term with diverse interpretations which consists of individual worldviews, dreams, ambitions, and personal goals. It encourages to evaluate previous educational research, policies, and their practical implementation and inspires to contribute to the field from one’s own perspective, embracing the diversity of student’s backgrounds and viewpoints.

Nearly one year has passed since the day that the students of this programme received the eagerly awaited admission acceptance letters. Meet some of these students to hear what ”changing education” means to them!

To learn more about the programme, follow this link to the University of Helsinki’s webpage.

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