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  • Sebastian Österman, Yue Qiu and Floriaan Tops

Sustainability Education: Are Future Teachers Ready to Take on This Big Responsibility?

Society is becoming more aware of the unsustainable characteristics of our current way of living. Over the past decades, "sustainability" has grown into a vital part of almost every nation’s agenda. Sustainability education has found its place in the Finnish curriculum, too. But are the teachers ready for this task?

Teaching about sustainability is not a simple straightforward task. Hannele Cantell and her colleagues (2019) developed a model for holistic sustainability education, the bicycle model. We used this model and transformed it into a tool to measure to what extent student teachers are ready to take on the task of sustainability education.

Find out more about the bicycle model and how it can be used as a measuring tool through this video, made by three students in the Changing Education programme with a shared interest in sustainability education, for the course Research-Based Orientation to Pedagogical Work.



Cantell, H., Tolppanen, S., Aarnio-Linnanvuori, E., & Lehtonen, A. (2019). Bicycle model on climate change education: Presenting and evaluating a model. Environmental Education Research, 25(5), 717–731.

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