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  • Writer's pictureJúlia Galan Mas and Natalia Stalchenko

Learning Through Play - A Video Sharing Small-Scale Research Findings

In this video, Júlia and Natalia share their small-scale research findings regarding implementation of learning through play in early childhood education centres. The video focuses on the roles of teachers and learning environment, taking into account perspectives of the Finnish National Core Curriculum and Reggio Emilia Approach, as well as many other findings in this field.


About the authors

Júlia Galan Mas is an early childhood and primary education teacher from Barcelona and a student of the Changing Education programme. For the last three years, Júlia has been exploring the Finnish education system by working and studying in Finland. Her goal is to use the acquired knowledge to make a difference through her practice as a teacher, a researcher, and a manager of an early childhood education center.

Natalia Stalchenko is a master's student of the Changing Education programme and a research assistant at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. She specializes in early childhood education and has experience working in the field in Finland. Her main goal is to promote children’s well-being and healthy development through education and contribute to implementing research-based theory into practice.

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